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Wasabi Bay Giveaway is Coming


What Is The Giveaway?

Our giveaway happens once every month where we will be giving away one:

sushi and roll platter (value $68), restaurant credit (value $50), or restaurant gift card (value $50).

  • There will only be one winner per month for the time being and after each giveaway ends all entries received for that giveaway will be void for the next main giveaway.​

  • All entries not selected will be put into a smaller draw for a discount or free appetizer that will happen every week.​

  • There will be one giveaway each month, however, the draw will not occur until there are at least 25 separate individuals entered into the giveaway NOT 25 entries.

  • A single entry is a picture or screenshot of your receipt of the food purchased at the Wasabi Bay in Mill Creek, WA sent to our Instagram DM with your Name and Phone Number.

    • The minimum required purchase for a valid entry is $25 for one visit (receipt) and each extra entry must meet a minimum $15 requirement to be valid.

    • UberEats, Doordash, and Menufy receipts are allowed.​

      • If you do not have a physical copy of your receipt send us a DM on instagram​ with the date and amount and we will find your order and give you an entry.

    • We personally check and validate each entry for accuracy and legitimacy!

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