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Sushi Master Jin Hwan Chung​, discovered the art of sushi and sashimi preparation nearly 30 years ago while visiting his father in Osaka, Japan. His fascination of Japanese food and tradition led him to living in Tokyo where he trained under some of  Japan's finest chefs.

His desire is to give more people the opportunity to experience sushi and sashimi prepared with traditional ingredients and techniques. It matters a great deal how the fish is sliced as well as how the sauces and spices are prepared, and he is dedicated to doing it in such a way that reintroduces guests to the traditional - or Kansai - way of preparing sushi and sashimi.



Wasabi Bay​ was created out of passion for great sushi and desire to share the delicate cuisine with everyone who loves great authentic sushi. With a comfortable setting and friendly atmosphere we believe Wasabi Bay is a space to explore, discover and savor the experience we provide to you.



We hope you will leave full, satisfied and with a smile and we will strive to become a favorite of residents and visitors alike. 

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